Complete Beginners Morning Yoga Workout For Energy, Sun Salutations Flow & Flexibility Stretches



  1. This is not at all an exercise for beginners. There is hardly any warm up before getting into some serious stretching, balance, and strength poses. I would recommend, for true beginners, something more introductory.

  2. is this a combination of different yoga poses mixed in with a couple salutation poses? I'm trying to learn the complete sun salutation sequence but it seems everyone has a different way of going about it! if anyone can inform on the basic sequence of a sun salutation the help would be much appreciated, thanks :)

  3. Thank you. Hoping to make this part of my daily routine. It's been ten years since I did yoga (I used to do it daily for a year) and for some reason fell out of it. Now, many injuries later I need to get back to it. This was very helpful!

  4. I just found your video and I love it! You are now a part of my morning. Thanks for being here. AND I love your top. I call that colour Apricot and it's my favorite colour to wear in the summer. Namaste

  5. love all your videos courtney, but this one has to be my favorite so far! I did get a little light headed multiple times during the lunges when I stood up. this is unusual for me. I usually do a cardio workout and then my yoga. again, never got light headed before. …any thoughts?

  6. This video has become a part of my morning routine. I was doing a more intense style of yoga in the morning but I really only enjoy it a few times a week not every morning. Whereas this one, I just feel, wakes my spirit up and quiets my mind more than any other I have tried to incorporate into my morning. Thanks Courtney


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