60 Minutes of Music for Finding Inner Peace, Stress Relief, Relaxation Music, Soothing Music ☯079



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  2. Thank you ! 🙂 J'écoute cette musique en boucle quand je suis au travail, ça me permet une meilleure concentration mais surtout de mieux supporter les collègues 😉 I'm zen… ou presque ! lol

  3. I struggle with anxiety basically everyday now, ever since this terrifying shroom trip I experienced months ago. When I listen to these videos for meditating and calming my anxiety, this page never fails to provide me with great and wonderful music that clears my anxiety and my head. Thank you bunches for the wonderful music!

  4. Amazing. Works DEEP. This one really gets at any stress and calms it. A soft, gentle, healing, VERY effectiveFor reaching deep. Heavenly divine healing from God here.Thank you for this, and for healing people with it. may Jesus bless you and heal you for doing this for people.


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