30 Min Strength Warrior Yoga Workout – Fat Burning Yoga Class



  1. Amazing……can you say – Planks?….lol. Funny, as I warm up I actually get better form with the slow planks :). Going to grab your yoga for Athletes book. Thanks SV..again!

  2. Hi Sean! Thank you so much for this. When I go from side arm plank to side arm dolphin I feel a twinge in my elbow… what are things with my alignment that I should keep in mind to stop this from happening? Or should I sub for a different move?

  3. I am gonna try doing this specific routine 3 x a week.  Right now, I am out of breath after just doing a few poses in sequence and have to pause the routine for a few seconds (kinda discouraging) But I will keep at it and hope to flow without hitting the pause button.

  4. Good to do a workout that doesn't last Eternia (see what I did there?)

    Love a bit of Warrior and coupled with a flow-packed session is a half hour well-spent. Cheers again Sean. 

  5. This was a great work out, very sweaty this morning.:) I highly recommend trying the walk out plank with a two year old straddling your calf…haha, definitely adds a new dynamic.

  6. Outstanding!!! Thank you for all of these but this one is my new favorite! I am going to get it memorized so I can do it at anytime anywhere anyspeed!!!!! ok now on to that crazy core thing you are insisting on!


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