Yoga For Lower Back Pain – 20 Minute Hamstring & Lower Back Stretches



  1. This was more challenging than I expected. Will have to keep working on it, since it was very hard for me (I'm severely anaemic). I think it will help with relieving the chronic pain in my pelvis though … so I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks Cole!! Love from Canada!

  2. Wow this was AMAZING! I've been experiencing a lot of low back pain recently, and discovered that the entire back side of my body, specifically hamstrings, are SO tight….this helped SO much! Thanks :)

  3. This was challenging, but really good for my legs after yesterday's run. I liked that it was a little different than most yoga for hamstrings videos.,

  4. Cole each new flow my wife and i try we keep getting introduced to new poses.
    We enjoyed the humor with the sitting squat pose! Thank you for helping us on our journey in yoga.

  5. you guys are awesome, I've been following your videos for a few months to help with my crossfit training, making leaps in my flexibility and mobility, thanks so much!

  6. just finished this one. it was a challenge in a few poses, but I was able to do the entire routine without any modifications. and I am a super beginner, only been practicing for about 6 weeks. thanks again yoga tx for another great video

  7. Definitely not for beginners unless more modifications are instructed. I loved it though. I had to modify a few positions. For people who have never done yoga and attempt to do this, they might get frustrated. I have learned through my years of practicing yoga, on how to modifiy. Blocks, blankets, straps…etc. I will be doing this video again. Namaste.


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