Rainforest sound 11 hours. Rainforest Reverie, natural sound of a rainforest for relaxation, yoga



  1. Wow! It actually makes me feel like I am in a rain forest!!! I don't use this for helping me with getting me to sleep…But I love to listen to it and imagine how it would be in a real rain forest. I love this and the animals sounds!! There all different but they are cool. At home I only have 2 Dogs and 1 kitten… It's nice to here new sounds then just a cat meowing and Dogs barking…

  2. i love it, and it sounds amazing. It was very useful to listen to this. I used this for when i was roleplaying a wolf toy, 2 tiger toys, 4 T-rex toys, 4 velocraptor toys, 2 Bird toys and 3 horses, with my sister and brother. Its relaxing and i would love to use this again for another roleplay. We had a whole rainforest in my room! Thanks!

  3. that isn't a flute lol it's the sound of exotic birds of the rainforest.. everyone is getting bent out of shape about this. if you don't want to hear actual nature sounds find a different video. I thought this was what it was about, nature. love this video, thank you for posting

  4. First minutes, I can hear a cow mooooing.. some ppl's voices, some singing, not to mention the flute, etc…
    Guess it was recorded near some tribe inhabiting that jungle.
    Too bad most of us can only be in touch with this kind of nature only through a YouTube vid.

    And yes, for a moment I can see the fog moving, and hear the chainsaw.. XD


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