Leggings Are Not Pants (+ Yoga Pants On Women)



  1. I'm a straight Christian girl and I like wearing leggings so deal, guys. I can show my butt off when I want but that doesn't give you the right to smack my butt or tell me I should change.


  2. These dumb cunts want to wear pants that perfectly shows their ass and camel toes so how about I walk around with pants that perfectly shows my penis? Or how about I stop getting nagged for walking around with my boxers showing? Equality for all!… am I right?

    Have some respect for your surroundings. Nobody wants to see your ass popping out while walking behind you. Thinking otherwise just show how much of a slut you really are!

  3. Not all Christians are assholes and or against sex and dressing a certain way, I for one love gay people, wear leggings and curse I in no way agree with every word of the bible it is a book written by many people I believe some parts and not so much others, I in no way think I'm better and never force my religion down anyomnes throats and respect other religious aside from devil worship for obvious reasons, I have faith not proof but my God is with me this I have no doubt. Westbro Baptist church is insane and not at all what most of us are. If someone asks about religion I'll explain Christianity to them and how it saved my life and as soon as the subject changes whatever its about I stop outv of respect. Greg I'm just trying to point out we are not allbad and as fort horrid events and murder and even starvation is caused by freewill! Not GOD he tries his best to guide us and as for starvation there is more then enough food and there are rich people who could actually help instead of staring in a fucking commercial. Whatever you believe may God always bless you.


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