How to do a Headstand (for Beginners)



  1. Does this hurt anyone's neck and shoulders? I can get up on the wall but when I come down all this pressure rushes to my neck. I think Its just cuz i don't work those muscles and i've always had a sore neck

  2. I'd love to do this, but I'm just way too scared to do this. I'm sorry, Cassie. Maybe I'll try eventually, but I'm way too nervous right now. 🙁 Love you!

  3. This isnt how i learned to do it….i was told when i was younger to put my hands by my ears, then put my knees on my elbows and then work my legs up slow….have you tried that?

  4. I do this in gym and I find it easier if you start with your head and hands in a triangle and start with your nose on the ground. As you walk in your head goes into the right place, but everyone's different.

  5. Hahah entirely thought I'd have no problem with this because I could do it as a kid. Keep pushing too far and landing with my feet on the floor behind me. Improvising and turning it into a crab from there.

  6. I couldn't even get my hips to the wall haha – That moment after step 1 when you see your room upside down, like you've never been there before & you start overthinking your life :') ????????

  7. OMG Cassey! Thank you so much for including this video in the Beginner's 2.0 calendar. I tried the video the first time when it came out, because headstand is my next goal in my yoga practice, but I couldn't do it. I've been chipping away at it in yoga too, but it was your video that got me there!!

    Seriously – first time I tried, I actually found my balance without the wall while trying to get my heels TO the wall! I was so surprised I came down with a bang, and HAD to try again to see if it was real – and it WAS! And I could hold for a few seconds before coming down a bit more gracefully 😉 THANK YOU!!! x

  8. Tried this yesterday. It was easier than I thought to start the headstand thanks to this video. Hard part for me was staying straight without touching the wall. I think I was able to keep the headstand as long as 20 seconds before leaning back on the wall or falling forward. Still, though, I feel super accomplished that I did. Want to try more stuff like this. I've never done yoga or pilates, but my line of work would benefit from it.

  9. Omg! I clicked the video and while I was watching it, I tried it on the wall and I did it first time! It was easier for me because I do elbow stands on the wall. But yay me! Hopefully the people who wanted to do a head stand can do it in the first time and if not, try agin I believe in u! ????
    – Meda Bulayima Sedeke

  10. I did iiiitt I can't believe I just opened the video for fun but then I said why don't I give it a shot and the to do it I didn't have any hope but BOOM did it !!!!!! ???????????????? I did it by the wall and without !!! I can't believe I did iiiitt thnx alot for this video !!!! ????????????????

  11. Me: lifts up legs super fast and hits the wall so hard

    Neighbor: Hey! SHUT UP ITS 12 am!


    Neighbor: (calls the police)

  12. I am doing your POP-Pilates for Beninngers 2.0 and this is the first exercise that I had to pass on. My intuition tells me that people with osteoarthritis of the neck probably shouldn't be trying this. (Scary!) But, thank you for all of the other great exercise videos! I can't wait to share my fabulous progress pics after I have been at this for awhile! Thank you so much! You rock!


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