Beginners Yoga for Strength, Kino Yoga on Miami TV Life: Episode Eight



  1. I just did my first video with you. I enjoyed it very much. I subscribed. I have Autoimmune disease and my MD suggested I do not do any exercise that causes stress on the body. She stated that yoga and walking would be good. I do wonder. In your video, you offered a prayer. Who do you pray to when you pray?

  2. Just did this with Kino – SO MUCH HARDER than it looks! My abs and thighs were burning.
    Thank you so much Kino!!! You are a real inspiration!

  3. Thank you dear sweety Kino for share it,it is really useful for my body & specially for my mind………savasana with your sweety voice is perfect…..I hope one day I can have this experience with you alive…..Namaste

  4. thank you kino. you are my idol in yoga. I love to do courses with you everyday at home. It inspires me very much. and right this morning I woke up with a old wound that made me sad a vibe I need to let go, a person that hurts me and I do this course with you and you speak those beautiful words. I'm very thankful for this. Thats how the spirit guides me to do the right choices. Me and everyone else who is in balance with their soul and body. <3 thanks

  5. So beautiful! Thanks a million for all the hard you do for us. I am sure there are thousands out there like myself who benefit from your videos, positive attitude but mostly your inner beauty. Namaste!


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