8 Hours Relaxing Music, Background for meditation, Zen, Massage, Spa, Study, Resting and Yoga.



  1. I use this music to sleep and it makes me pass out in amatter of minutes and my dreams are always so positive and pretty thank you for posting this nice and relaxing music 🙂
    have a wonderful life!

  2. This is the GREATEST to Soothe and Relax me through one of my Preaching Sermons of how White Folks are the designers and Producers; Bosses of an Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Lifestyle that have set the Human Race to the 'Gate of Extinction.' This Wonderful Soothing Sounds put my Mind/Thinking into Plasma Fuel Motion while watching the 11th Hour a dvd of Excellent Factors about this Divine Sacred Mother Earth BUT I will NOT buy the 'WE' Con- Sermons! This Personal Opinionated Upset I had is put-away. The Sacred Sounds by VyLana is Beyond Wonderful. .these Great Spiritual Sounds Relaxes the Human Mind while in Intellectual Embattlements..While Fighting Intellectually I wore my earphones listening to these Divine Spiritual Sounds! My personal settings had me in 'Hell'..Put behind Me, I by ALL MEANS will Play these Divine Holy Sounds to be Normal Again, to Meditate, Run Mantras; Reason/Think from the Perspective of Divine Laws, Divine Reasoning AND Playing these Higher Divine Spiritual Sounds..ABSOLUTELY AMONG THE VERY BEST..AMUN-RA IN DIVINE CREATION. .. 


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