15 Min Yoga for Upper Body Strength and Flexibility



  1. really great video, maybe you could just take some more time with each pose so we could follow it easier other than that it was great, a video solely on headstands and handstands would be gratefully appreciated

  2. Hey, can you describe/instruct a few seconds before the movement/stance ?I find it hard to try to watch you perfrom the proper form while try doing it myself at the same time.
    Thanks for the video anyway.

  3. Candace, I finally managed to come into full wheel pose today thanks to your upper body strength building and (back) flexibility yoga routines, I have been doing every single day. Also, I have been loving your push up party. Thank you so much for your inspiration, guidance and excellent instructions. <3

  4. Great video to help you do theses poses in the proper form, and fantastic instruction on how to actually build strength in these areas. One of my absolute favorites for upper body! Thank you so much Candace. Appreciate what you do here.

  5. Great video. The tempo was a perfect balance between being able to follow – as a newbie – and pumping the heart. I have been watching this regularly now.

    I did have one warning for people who haven't done handstands before; it's probably wisest to first watch a few videos on the requirements and proper execution of handstands. I accidentally rolled off my neck in a strange way and I immediately had a sharp pain in my right: eye/inner nostril cavity/arm. It could have been much worst! Thankfully it went away a day later by massaging my levator scapulae with a lacrosse ball. 

    I appreciate your videos….peace and blessings :)

  6. This was so peaceful, graceful, and inspiring. I am new to yoga and want to make it apart of my lifestyle and with this video, I felt really inspired to do this. Thank you for posting this routine. :)

  7. I'd like to do this class, but I feel I'm not ready yet for headstand: could I replace it with any particular pose? I thought about dolphin pose, for instance, what do you think about it?